Tujia People’s folk custom---smoked pork and Crying Marriage


 Tujia People is one of the main minorities in Wulong District, which has it distinctive folk customs. The most popular ones are smoked pork and Crying Marriage. If you are lucky enough, you may get the chance to take a look at them when travelling in Wulong.


Smoked pork hanging over in each Tujia People’s family



Pepper---most popular season



 Distinctive Crying Marrige, a new performance

It is worthless to visit such kind of building, but it is valuable to protect ethnic tradition and culture.

Tujia people lives in Diaojiao Building. There is no single building but a whole village or settlement with countless buildings. On the lower floor, there is livestock; while the girl’s bedrooms are kept upstairs. This design focuses on the use of small rooms but is also well ventilated, damp-proof and clean.



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